Collaboration with Schools

Upon your request we are willing to collaborate with your child’s teachers and school board personnel following an assessment or as part of your child’s therapeutic intervention.

Such collaboration following an assessment could include discussing your child’s learning profile with teachers and jointly developing recommendations.

For children who are coping with anxiety (e.g. school refusal, selective mutism), behavioural and/or emotional difficulties, or medical conditions (e.g. chronic pain) information sharing regarding the child’s challenges and/or therapeutic recommendations would also be available upon request.

When invited to attend a meeting at a school, this service is billed at regular office rates plus travel time. Phone consultations can also be arranged.


Brief Client Consultations

Following an initial intake interview, consultations can be provided to parents who want strategies to assist their child when individual therapy is not immediately required. These consultations are typically brief (1-2 sessions) and recommendations are generally provided based on the research literature and the clinician’s knowledge of what can be effective in families with similar presenting challenges, rather than the clinician’s direct experience with the child/family.


Vocational and Career Consultation

These consultations involve a discussion of personality and career interest inventories and an interpretation of these inventories integrated with previous assessment data (if available) for the purpose of academic and career decision making.